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Welcome to Eagle Creek
Eagle Creek University is located in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. The year is 2050 and the world is in shambles. Only recently has it started recovering from the Third World War. Every country in the world has chosen a side, leaving Ireland as the last neutral zone. It is here where Eagle Creek is located.
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 Rules and Guidelines

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Benjamin Kanst

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:56 pm


first of all ,
take a look around the site, ask questions if you have any
then if you decide to join us, make sure you register with a first, and last name.
we won't mind changing your name if you made a mistake,
but its just less hassle if you get it right first time okay.

as popular as 'no app' sites are, we are not one of them.
we do expect an application to be filled out before you start
roleplaying. our application template is really simple.

please, please, please, please, please, please
do not bug us admins about accepting you. we both have lives,
school, busy days. we will get to it as soon as possible.
we're usually quite efficient with accepting you, but
if we're not, just wait patiently. don't worry we'll
definitely get to you!

there's no limits on how many characters you can
have, however if your not active with one we will open
it up with no warning of doing so. so if your going to have
multiple characters make sure you keep them all active!
we do want to keep the character ratios appropriate,
though, so if you're going to take multiple characters,
please make sure you have a guy. you can have three
girls, but before you make a fourth, YOU MUST MAKE A
GUY. it's not that hard and sites are always in need of

canons and originals are accepted. we'd love our canons
to be all filled up. however, originals are definitely, if not
more so welcomed than anything!

if you do have any questions, please ask. we don't bite!

your characters & posting ,
no one's perfect. not everyone has rich parents, jaw
dropping looks, is really smart and really popular.
remember, your imperfections are your perfections!

so, yes, that means no mary-sue's or gary-stu's!

now powerplay/godmodding. that means taking control of
someone else's character. come on, thats so old school now
right? you should know that!

PAST TENSE FTW! seriously. no first person. if there is
i'll release the hounds.

no one liners.

spelling & grammar. use a spell check, pretty please?

no chatspeak. i want to say at all...its so 2006.
but in im threads i'll let you off.

graphics ,
the only playbys we don't accept are random
myspace people. thats just not cool man.

i know everyone loves using blake lively, sophia bush,
leighton meester and the rest, but please. just because
your favourite playby is gone doesn't mean you shouldn't
give this site a chance! there's plenty of people to plot with!

if you need playby help for an original don't hesitate
to ask the people in the cbox for assistance. we're always
happy to help with that stuff, as well as name help!

graphics for your signature, yes, i know not everyone has
a graphics program. but do not ask people in the cbox, just
make a request and wait for it to be filled.

if someone does make you something, its only polite
to credit them in your INTERESTS

and don't steal someone's graphics. thats definitely
not cool

cbox rules ,
talk to us!
seriously. that is a rule.
come and talk to us!

don't be rude or start bashing people.
no stupid derogatory comments.
just be nice, its not that hard!

don't character monger. thats what the wanted
boards are for, fool.

do not spam it. that sucks, for reals.

the beautiful ending ,
do not be annoying
i bet your thinking what kind of crack pot rule is that
but its a serious one. i do not want to see people getting
constantly pm'd to roleplay or plot - its annoying.
and i definitely do not want to see people nagging about
a graphics request they've made, or a character they need.
seriously guys. its just annoying and not cool.

respect the admins. seriously guys.
we made this place, put a lot of hard work and time into
it, time that could've been spent sexing xD
just respect us, its not hard.
if you're still reading, the password is notecard

this is a mature rated board. so if you don't own a tv
and have no idea what sex is or what alcohol is or what
drug abuse is, this isn't the board for you.
here we have a bunch of crazy teens in a boarding school
a lot of mature stuff is going to happen. if you like that
stuff then your a pervert in the right place!

oh, if your one of those people who only plot with
people that are in the same tv show or movies as your
characters playby then please grow up. there's nothing
wrong with hayden pattinere being the fuck buddy of
daniel radcliffe. i mean jeez, we're not all snobs right?
i understand photo opportunities are cool but broaden
your horizons a bit.

thats what roleplaying is after all. a hobby.

this was made by LOVE, LILLIE
at CAUTION v.2
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Rules and Guidelines
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